Navigating Vuforia Studio > Project Pane > Configuration > Info
The Info tab allows you to edit the following information:
Add a description for the project. The maximum amount of characters allowed is 100.
Experience Service
Configure and validate the Experience Service that Vuforia Studio and Vuforia View uses. You can also choose to allow self-signed certificates by selecting the checkbox.
Scan the QR code using Vuforia View to set your Experience Service URL.
Set access to the project by selecting either Requires Authentication or Public. If set to Public, a user will not be prompted to authenticate to view the experience. Also, if set to Public, anonymous access must be configured. For information about configuring anonymous access, see Configuring Public Access to ThingWorx. By default, this is set to Requires Authentication.
This setting only affects access to the experience. If the experience requests access to external websites or systems, users may be prompted for authentication.
Allow download for offline viewing
Offline experiences are not supported for 3D Eyewear projects.
Select this checkbox if you want to allow the experience viewer to download the experience to their device for offline viewing. For more information, see Offline Experiences.
When an experience is viewed offline, no live data will be available.
Minimum Screen Width
Set the minimum screen width by selecting either Phone (320dp) or Tablet (600dp).
View Navigation Menu
Choose whether you want the View Navigation menu to be Enabled or Hidden. For information on using JavaScript to hide or show the menu, see Show or Hide the View Navigation Menu.
Project Thumbnail
Select the thumbnail you want to appear on your Home page for the project.