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User Cannot Access Chalk after Logging into the Chalk Admin Center
Possible Issue
If a user that has been authenticated in an external IdP logs in to the Chalk Admin Center, and something is wrong with the SAML attribute mapping, a ‘ghost’ record gets created in Cognito. If this occurs, the user will not be able to use Chalk until the ghost record is deleted.
To resolve this issue:
1. Fix the SAML mapping in the Chalk Admin Center.
2. Delete the ghost record.
3. Open an Incognito window, and try again.
It’s important to use an Incognito window because the external IdP generates cookies that affect the binding process.
Admin is Unable to Configure Organization to Use Single Sign-on (SSO)
Possible Issue
If you’re an admin and you can’t configure SSO for your organization, this means that your company was using the unlimited free access version of Chalk that ended on August 31st, and has not purchased an Enterprise account.
To use SSO, you must upgrade your account to an Enterprise Account. For more information, see Vuforia Chalk Account Types and Available Features.