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Invite Users in Bulk
You can also invite Vuforia Chalk users in bulk by importing a .csv file. On the My Users tab, click Bulk Invite, and follow the on-screen instructions.
1. Download the CSV template (link can be found in the Bulk Invite window) and open it in your preferred application (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, etc.).
2. Populate the following columns with values for each row:
first_name — first name of user
last_name — last name of user
email — user’s email address
title (optional) — user’s job title
team (optional) — user’s org or group they belong to
inSessionHost — populate this field with either a 0 or a 1 for every user being added. 1 gives the user host privileges, while 0 does not.
3. Save the completed spreadsheet as a .csv file.
4. Click Select File and navigate to and select the updated .csv file you just saved.
5. Click Start Process.
6. Wait for bulk processing to complete to confirm it was successful.
Admins can be designated individually after your bulk addition by editing a user and updating their role.
Avoid symbols in values (“/” and “&”s will error out the row).