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Data Services and Scalable Solutions
ThingWorx provides a variety of methods to enable scalable solutions, including using data services.
Within the mashup building environment, services can be added from two dynamic entity types: dynamic thing templates and dynamic thing shapes.
This method allows you to pick a thing template or thing shape, but the services that are exposed are of the actual Instance Thing(s) that implement the chosen thing template or thing shape. An entity must be specified/bound to the services in the mashup build to enable this method.
You can now retrieve all services of any specific Instance (Thing) based on a particular thing template or thing shape.
For Example:
1. Create a list of all Instances by using a thing template and the GetImplementingThings service.
2. Display the information for the chosen Instance/Thing by using Dynamic thing template and the GetProperties service.
3. Bind the SelectedRows name field to the Entity parameter of the dynamic thing template and use SelectedRows Changed to trigger the GetProperties.
Taking this example one step further, use the QueryImplementingThingsWithData service to apply the Data Filter so you can filter your list, based on runtime values of your returned Instances/Things.