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Data Services and Linking
ThingWorx data services call data into a Mashup and then render the data using a visualization widget. To render any data in a mashup, you need to add one or more data services to the mashup. One data service can feed multiple visualization widgets, minimizing the number of data calls to the server. Most widgets are configurable so that only the columns of data from the data service that you wish to see in that widget are shown. For example, you can use the numeric returns from a stream in a chart, and the string columns from the stream in a grid, but only have one call to the server.
Within the Mashup Builder, there are three tabs that can provide data:
There are different kinds of data services available on the ThingWorx platform. The most common data services are based on the model entities that you define for your solution. Each entity has a standard set of services (for example, stream entries all have a data service named QueryStreamEntries), as well as custom service definitions that you have implemented in your model. There are also standard system objects (Resources) that have data services.
To add a data service to a mashup, go to the data pane on the right side of the Mashup Builder. Click the add button (with the green plus (+) symbol) and the Add Data dialog will appear. You can select from any model entities you have defined, including users and groups. You can also select data services from system resources and logs. You can select more than one data services at a time, and they will be grouped together when displayed in the Data pane.