FactoryTalk MOM
Use the FactoryTalk MOM connector to access entity data from Rockwell FactoryTalk ProductionCenter MES.
Connector Release Version
FactoryTalk MOM connector was delivered in the 8.4.1 release.
Supported Action
Supported Triggers
Supported Authorization
Authorize FactoryTalk MOM
FactoryTalk MOM authorization has to be done for each FactoryTalk MOM connector action. To authorize the FactoryTalk MOM connector, do the following:
1. In the Connect to FactoryTalk MOM field, click Add New.
2. Enter the following parameters:
Connection Label—Autopopulated. You can provide the connection label of your choice.
Labels are case-sensitive. Do not use spaces, some special characters, and leading numbers.
Base URL—Base URL such as [protocol]://[host]:[port]/[WebAppsName]/rest
User Name
3. Click ADD.
4. In the Add Authorization window, rename the Authorization Label, if needed, and then click ADD.
Click TEST to validate the authorization.