File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a network protocol used to transfer files among the hosts over a TCP based network or internet.
Supported Actions
Supported Authorizations
Adding a New Connection
To add a new FTP connection, do following:
1. In the Connect to FTP field, click Add New, and then enter the details that follows:
Connection Label—Autopopulated. You can provide the connection label of your choice.
Host—The IP or host of the FTP server. Only FTP or FTPS protocol is supported.
Port—The port number to connect.
Username—The FTP account user name.
Secure—Select a connection type.
Password—The FTP account password.
Keep Alive—Time in milliseconds.
Connection Timeout—Connection time-out in milliseconds.
Secure Options—Other options that you are using.
2. Click ADD.
Click TEST to validate the connection.