Dropbox Triggers
You can set a trigger for a specific workflow by selecting events from the trigger list. The Dropbox triggers are applicable to successive folders. If a trigger is applied to parent folder named A and you have a folder named B inside folder A, folder C inside folder B and you create or update something in folder C, the trigger is triggered.
Using Dropbox Triggers
To use this trigger in your workflow, you need to create a new event for the Dropbox trigger, and then connect to the flow. To create a new event, do the following:
1. Place the pointer on the start icon , and then click or double-click . A list of triggers appears.
2. Select the Dropbox trigger, and then create a new event. The Dropbox trigger configuration window opens.
If a trigger is already created, select an existing trigger, and then click SAVE.
To create a new trigger, click Create a new event for Dropbox, and then proceed with the steps further.
3. Edit the trigger label, if needed.
4. To add a new authorization, refer to the Authorize Dropbox section in the Dropbox connector topic.
If you previously added a Dropbox authorization, select an authorization from the list.
5. In the Select Trigger list, select a trigger. A list of triggers with a description of what initiates each trigger follows:
New/Update File in Folder—A new file is created or updated in the specified folder.
New/Update Folder—A new folder is created or updated.
6. In the Parent Folder Path field, select a folder to set a trigger. Select / (slash mark) to set the trigger for the root folder.
7. Click SAVE.