Send Query
Use this action to execute a query on your Dialogflow database to retrieve corresponding results.
Using the Send Query Action
To use this action in your workflow, you need to connect it to ThingWorx Flow. To connect to the flow, do the following:
1. Drag the Send Query action under the Dialogflow connector to the canvas, place the pointer on the action, and then click or double-click the action. The Send Query action window opens.
2. Edit the label name, if needed. By default, the label name is same as the action name.
3. To add a new authorization, refer to the Authorize Dialogflow section in the Dialogflow connector topic.
If you previously added a Dialogflow authorization, select an authorization from the list.
4. In the Session ID field, enter a string token (up to 36 symbols long) to identify the client and manage the session parameters including contexts per client.
5. In the Language field, enter a language tag such as en, es, fr, and so on.
6. In the Queries field, enter a natural language text to process. The request can have multiple query parameters and the query length should not exceed 255 characters.
7. In the Reset Contexts field, select true to reset all current contexts in a session before the new ones are set, or select false.
8. In the Location field, enter the Latitude and Longitude details.
9. Click + to view the additional fields and then enter the details that follows:
Contexts—An array of additional context objects. Click Add to enter the details that follows:
Name—Context name.
Lifespan—Number of requests after which the context expires.
Parameters—Object that consists of parameter name and value pairs. Click Add to enter the Key and Value pairs.
Entities—An array of entities that replaces the developer defined entities for a particular request. Click Add to enter the Entity details that exist in the developer console.
Entries—Click Add, and then enter the details that follows:
Value—The entry value.
Synonym—Synonyms separated by a comma.
Time Zone—Enter the time zone such as America/New York, Europe/Paris, and so on.
Click Add to add multiple Contexts, Entities, and its Entries.
10. Click Done.