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Dialogflow enables programmers to add speech interface to applications and devices, allowing them to understand and perform verbal requests. In Dialogflow, an entity is a data type that contains a set of synonyms and a reference value.
Connector Release Version
Dialogflow connector was delivered in the 8.4.1 release.
Supported Actions
Create Entity
Create Intent
Delete Entity
Delete Intent
Get All Entities
Get All Intents
Get Entity
Get Intent
Send Query
Supported Triggers
Integration Services
Dialogflow API
Supported Authorization
Basic — Dialogflow connector requires a developers access token for authorization.
Authorize Dialogflow
Dialogflow authorization has to be done for each Dialogflow connector action. To authorize the Dialogflow connector, do the following:
1. In the Connect to Dialogflow field, click Add New.
2. In the Add Connection window, enter the parameters that follow:
Connection Label—Autopopulated. You can provide the connection label of your choice.
Labels are case-sensitive. Do not use spaces, some special characters, and leading numbers.
Developer Access Token—A valid developer access token.
3. Click ADD.
Click TEST to validate the authorization.