Welcome to the ThingWorx Edge C SDK and SCM Edge Extension for the C SDK Help Center
Welcome to the ThingWorx Edge C SDK and SCM Edge Extension for the C SDK Help Center
This Help Center provides information for C/C++ developers who are building IoT applications for their Edge devices, using the ThingWorx Edge C SDK. In addition, this help center provides details on using ThingWorx Edge Extensions with the C SDK, as well as using the ThingWorx SCM Edge Extension for the C SDK.
The release notes for the C SDK are cumulative. You can find information about the current and previous releases of the C SDK in the release notes topic.
Important Information
The following versions of the ThingWorx Edge C SDK have been certified with ThingWorx Platform 9.0.2:
Latest releases — v.2.2.12, v.
Oldest release with SNI (Server Name Indication) support — v.
Oldest supported release — v.
It is recommended to use ThingWorx Platform v.9.0.2 or a later 9.0.x maintenance release with the latest C SDK. You can also use these versions of the C SDK with ThingWorx Platform v.8.5.x.
The C SDK v.2.2.12 has also been certified with ThingWorx Platform, v.9.1.x. While the older versions have not been certified, they should work with those versions of the platform. Please contact Technical Support if you experience any issues with v.9.1.x.
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ThingWorx Edge C SDK
Installing and Navigating the Directories of the C SDKThingWorx Edge SDKs TutorialHow to Configure Components of the C SDKHow to Set Up an Application
Setting Up Secure ConnectionsBuild an Application with CMakeTroubleshooting
ThingWorx Edge Extensions for the C SDK
Edge ExtensionsExamples of Using Edge Extensions SCM Edge Extension
Additional Resources
For information about supported platforms for the Edge SDKs, refer to the ThingWorx Edge SDKs Support Matrix.
When planning upgrades of other PTC ThingWorx products, visit the PTC tool, Release Advisor, which is the single source for currently supported products and compatibility information for ThingWorx products. To learn how to use Release Advisor, refer to the Technical Support article, "How to plan an upgrade using PTC Release Advisor".
You can access ThingWorx documentation, using the following resources:
PTC ThingWorx help centers page, which provides links to all ThingWorx help centers.
ThingWorx Documentation Resources, which provides links to both ThingWorx Help Centers and to ThingWorx PDF documents, including release notes, support matrices, installation and administration guides, best practices, and developer guides.
PTC ThingWorx Reference Documentation — The Reference Documents pages provide access to the PDF documents available for all PTC ThingWorx products.
You can find additional information in the ThingWorx Community forum and on the ThingWorx Developer Portal. The following SDK Reference and tutorial are available on the developer portal.
For information about supported releases of PTC products, refer to the PTC Product Calendar on the PTC Support site.
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Technical Issues
For assistance with ThingWorx Edge C SDK technical issues, visit the PTC Support Site.
Last Updated: June 2021
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