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How to Set Up an Application
This section explains how to set up an application using the C SDK, including how to define the properties and services that you want to expose to the platform, and how to implement the required callback functions. You can use callback functions to handle individual properties and services, or you can create a single property or service callback to handle all of those types of entities. This decision is left to the application developer.
Initial steps:
Initializing the API Singleton. Alternatively, if you need to set up proxy server configuration, use tw_InitializeWithProxy function, as explained in Initializing with Proxy Server Configuration
The C SDK uses a callback mechanism to handle platform-initiated requests to read or write properties and invoke services. The signatures of the callback functions and the registration functions themselves are found in the file, src/api/twApi.h.
To send data from your devices to a ThingWorx Platform, define properties, events, and services for your application, as explained in the following topics:
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