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Macros for the Edge Extensions
The ThingWorx C SDK provides macros that encapsulate functionality to make it easier to develop your EdgeThingShapes and EdgeThingTemplates. Note that the macros do not alter the existing C SDK, and you can still operate as described in the example in the topic, Tasks for EdgeThingShape and EdgeThingTemplate Constructors.
The Edge Extensions macros provide the following features:
The ability to work in C where it is most useful and use the macros to simplify more complex tasks such as creating Data Shapes and infotables.
The ability to compile projects that use a combination of C and the macros with CMake for desired target platforms.
Storage for property values that is created dynamically at runtime on the heap.
A generic property handler that finds this heap-allocated storage, using a constant time lookup.
Simple functions that find and update heap-allocated property storage and operate in constant time.
Variable argument functions that perform actions such as creation of infotables and Data Shapes, simplifying creation of these data structures.
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