Using Edge Extensions with the ThingWorx Edge C SDK
Using Edge Extensions with the ThingWorx Edge C SDK
This section explains the concepts for Edge Extensions as well as how to use them iin an Edge application. Refer to the following topics:
ThingWorx Edge SDK Extensions for the C SDK
Creating a Directory of Registered Shapes and Templates
Loading Shape Libraries
Tasks for EdgeThingShape and EdgeThingTemplate Constructors
Macros for the Edge Extensions
Macros That Take Actions
Macros to Create twPrimitives from C Primitives
Macros to Create Data Shapes and Single Columns
Macros to Create InfoTables for Data Shapes
Declaring Edge Things
Defining Aspects for Properties (Edge Extensions)
Best Practices for Developing Edge Extensions
Examples of Using Edge Extensions with the C SDK
Simple Thing Extension
Warehouse Shape Library
Steam Sensor Example
Advanced Use of Edge Extensions
Modifying Property Values at Runtime
Applying EdgeThingShapes at Runtime
Inter-Shape Communication
Calling ThingWorx Platform Functions
Polling Updates for EdgeThingShapes