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About Saving a Figure as a 2D Illustration File
You can save a 3D Creo View figure to any of the following 2D illustration file types:
IsoDraw (*.idr) or IsoDraw (*.iso)—IsoDraw file
CGM (*.cgm)—Computer Graphics Metafile
SVG (*.svg)—Scalable Vector Graphics file
The figure is saved as a 2D HLR (Hidden Lines Removed) line drawing in the 2D illustration file, regardless of the figure’s render mode in Creo View.
If the figure has parts with transparency settings of 2 percent or less, the thick and thin lines for those parts are not rendered in the saved 2D illustration HLR line drawing.
A 2D illustration file can optionally include a shaded background raster image of the figure behind the vector HLR line drawing. You can set a Creo View option to always include the shaded image in the 2D illustration files you save. You can also specify the resolution of the shaded background image when you save the 2D illustration. The resolution can be 50 to 1200 pixels per inch.
When you save a figure as an SVG file, the file has these characteristics by default:
Interactive elements, such as hotspots on callouts, are included. After you generate the file you can manually add event handlers.
Options you set for tooltips are preserved.
Page definition is exported:
The definition is in physical units. You cannot export a page definition in pixels.
Stamps on defined pages maintain their placement.
If you do not define pages, the SVG file is scalable.