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About the User Interface
Perform these tasks in the different parts of the user interface:
Graphics area—Shows a visualization of the file. You can change the view to display 3D models, 2D drawings, images, and documents. Use the commands on the shortcut menus to control the view and to set viewing options. Several views (drawings, images and documents) can be open at the same time. Click a view to toggle between the open views.
Navigating the structure
Primary panel
Upper data panel
The panels show information about the product structure. You can click the arrow along the panel's sides or drag the edges of the panel to show or hide or to resize it. You can also access a panel command in the status bar in the bottom right corner of the window.
Performing commands
Quick Access Toolbar
Dialog boxes
Creo View Options
Getting information
Lower data panel—Shows information such as attributes, messages, BOM, animation timeline, or interference results.
Status bar—Shows the name of the current view, selection method, unit settings, and show/hide buttons for the panels and the graphics area.