Navigating the User Interface > Using the Mouse > Using Mouse Buttons in PTC Creo Mode
Using Mouse Buttons in PTC Creo Mode
In Creo navigation mode, use the mouse in the following ways:
Selects a part or geometry within a part.
Click and drag from right to left.
Selects all the parts or geometries that are partially contained by the bounding box.
Right-click and drag.
Drag down to fly out, and drag up to fly in.
Middle-click and drag.
Rotates the structure.
Middle-click and drag. Release the mouse button, and then stop dragging.
The structure continues to rotate.
Click in the graphics area to stop the rotation.
Press SHIFT+middle-click and drag.
Press CTRL+middle-click and drag.
Zooms in or out.
Drag down to zoom out, and drag up to zoom in.