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Undo and Redo Commands
Creo View provides commands to undo and redo actions in the view, such as moving parts, editing properties, sectioning changes, annotating, and creating construction geometry. Undo and Redo do not apply to standard view manipulation such as panning or rotation, or to print, save, copy, or option commands. A saved annotation set cannot be undone.
To undo or redo only the most recent action, left-click the Undo (CTRL+Z) or Redo (CTRL+Y) button on the quick access toolbar.
To display a list of multiple recent actions for selection, click the arrow next to the Undo or Redo command icon. When you make a selection from the list, the undo/redo action applies to all commands in the list that were executed prior to that selection in the list. In other words, you can select the most recent command, or a range of commands to undo/redo.
You can use the Limit undo/redo steps to options on the General option page to control the number of actions that are available to undo or redo.