Comparing ECAD Designs > Defining the Comparison > To Define the Settings for Comparing Objects
To Define the Settings for Comparing Objects
1. Click the Object tab and select Enable Comparisons. The options in the Object tab become enabled.
2. Set the comparison options for Board, Components, Nets, and Vias.
3. At the bottom of the tab, set the values of options for the following comparison settings:
Case-sensitive Text—Identifies differences in the capitalization of component reference designators and net names.
Results Limit—Limits the number of results returned. All is the default.
Object Tolerance—Specifies the level below which differences are undetected.
4. To further define the comparison, click the Advanced tab and follow steps 5–7.
5. Under Objects, select one or more of these check boxes to include the objects in the comparison:
Virtual Symbols
Placed Symbols
Virtual Nets
6. To limit the scope of the comparison of Nets, Components, Pins, or Vias, set an option for one or more of the objects:
Full—Runs a complete comparison (default).
First Item to Second Item
Second Item to First Item
7. To filter the information included in the report, under Reports, select the check box of an object to include it, or clear the check box to exclude it. By default, all object types are included.