Working with Animations > To Set Animation Playback Options
To Set Animation Playback Options
1. Click Animation, and then set the following options in the Play group:
Playback speed—Select a relative speed from the box.
Loop—Loop the animation continuously.
Range—Set the start and end points in one of these ways:
Click Range, and then set a Start point and an End point in seconds.
Drag and in the Keyframe Editor
Type start and end times in the boxes in the Track Tree.
Direction—Click to play the animation in reverse.
2. To toggle the display of the playback bar in the view, perform one of these actions:
Click Animation > Playback Controls.
Set the option in the Creo View Options dialog box:
1. Click File > Options.
The Creo View Options dialog box opens.
2. Next to Showing, select Global.
3. On the left, under Model, select Animation. The ModelAnimation options open.
4. Select or clear the Show in-view playback controls box.