Working with Views > Other Viewables > 2D Illustration View > To Set 2D Illustration Options
To Set 2D Illustration Options
1. Click File > Options.
The Creo View Options dialog box opens.
2. Next to Showing, select Global.
3. In the left pane of the dialog box, select Illustration. The Illustration-Main options open in the right pane of the dialog box.
4. Under Annotations, set any of the following annotation options:
Line weight
Font size
5. Select the Use anti - aliasing check box to minimize line distortion.
6. Select or clear the Enable Hotspot links and the Show alert message when Hotspot link is not available check boxes.
7. Click Apply to apply the changes and continue setting options, or click OK to apply the changes and close the dialog box.
When you change illustration options, the changes to the appearance are applied to past illustration files as well.