Saving, Printing, and Sending Files > To Print Multiple Items
To Print Multiple Items
1. Click File > Print > Print Multiple Items. The Print Multiple Items dialog box opens.
2. Drag the items to the print list from any of these locations:
Viewables pane of the primary panel
Annotation sets
Views group of the Home tab
3. To print all the viewables associated with a structure, including annotation sets, click Add All Viewables.
4. To reorder the printing list, click , , , and .
5. To remove an item from the list, click .
6. To print all the items as a combined print job, select Print Settings > Print as single job.
PDF and ISO files cannot be combined in a single job.
7. To configure the print settings for an item or a combined job, select the item(s) and then click Print Settings. The Print dialog box opens.
If the selected job contains only View States, Zoom is enabled, and you can choose between Zoom All and Default which will use the default zoom level defined in the view state. For all other jobs, Print Multiple Items prints from the Zoom All level, regardless of changes made in the open view.
8. Configure the printing settings and select Print.