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To Configure Print Settings
To allow Creo View to configure the printer settings for multiple PDF printing jobs, ensure that you have user permission to manage the printer. To do so, in the Windows start menu, go to Devices and Printers, right-click and select Printer properties > Security.
1. In the Print Multiple Items dialog box, select a viewable, and then click Print Settings. The Print dialog box opens.
2. Under Printer, do one or more of the following operations:
Select a printer.
Select the Print to file check box.
Click Properties and set printer properties.
3. Under Print Range, select one of these options:
Sheets—Prints selected pages.
All Pages—Prints the entire item.
Current Page—Prints current page.
If enabled, you can set the level of Zoom for the printout.
4. Under Copies, set the number of copies and select or clear the Collate check box.
5. Under Layout, set one or more of the following parameters:
Fit to Page
Scale—Select a scale from 10 percent to 100 percent.
Rotate and Center for best fit—Manipulates the item to fit the page.
Zoom, Collate, Scale, Rotate and Center for best fit are not available for PDF documents.
6. Click OK. The Print dialog box closes.