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To Perform a Dynamic Interference Detection Query
1. In an open animation, on the AdvancedAnimation ribbon, click Detect Interferences. The Interference Detection Settings dialog box opens.
2. Under Options, accept the default tolerance, or set a distance in millimeters in the Tolerance box.
3. To limit the calculation to part of the animation time line, follow these steps:
a. Select the Detect interferences only in selected time range check box.
b. In the Start and End boxes, type times for the beginning and end of the detection period.
4. To add parts or subassemblies to the Input list, do one or more of these operations:
Select one or more items, and then click .
To include all parts and subassemblies in the calculation, click .
To include all loaded parts and subassemblies, click .
The items are included in the calculation.
5. To exclude items from the calculation, click Exclude, select the items, and then click . The items are added to the list.
6. Click Calculate. The interferences are calculated, and the progress is displayed:
The progress bar tracks the calculation.
An Interferences track is added to the animation.
The animation plays in the graphics area.
Calculations for assemblies take a few moments to complete.