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To Edit Windchill Batch Interference Attributes in the Creo View Client
The functionality described in this topic is only available for batch interference results opened from Windchill.
The specific features that are available are dependent on the version of Windchill being used.
Sometimes the terminology in the Creo View Help is updated on a different schedule from the Windchill user interface. Although the functionality is the same, UI display text delivered from Windchill may differ from those provided in the Creo View Help.
In Creo View, you can view the batch interference results calculated in Windchill. You can examine the results and edit some of the Windchill attributes. Save the modified attribute values in Creo View and in the Windchill Interference Reports. You can edit multiple interferences simultaneously.
The following Windchill attributes are included in the report:
Assignee—The user assigned to the activity.
Description—Provides a description of the interference.
Name—Displays the name of the interference.
State—Displays the life cycle state of the interference.
Windchill Status—Shows the status of the interference in Windchill.
User Severity—A user specified integer value associated with an interference.
To edit the attributes, follow the steps below:
1. In Windchill, from one of the tables that host interferences, select one or more interferences, and select Open in Creo View. Creo View opens with the interference results displayed in the Interference Detection pane.
2. To update values in Creo View table to changes made in Windchill, right-click and select Refresh Windchill Attributes. The attributes update in Creo View.
3. Select one or more interferences, and then right-click and select Edit Windchill Attributes. The Edit dialog box opens and shows the Windchill values.
4. Edit the attributes, and then click OK.
To change the assignee, perform these steps:
1. Select Find Assignee. The Find Assignee dialog box updates.
2. Edit the full name, user name, email, or organization name attributes to filter the assignee list, and then click Search. The Search Results list is populated.
3. Select a user from the list, and then click OK. The assignee field is populated.
To remove the assignee, select Unset the Assignee, and then click OK. The assignee field is blank.
The Creo ViewInterference Detection pane updates.
To see the update values in Windchill, on the corresponding Related Interferences page, select Refresh. The attributes changed in the Creo View table update in Windchill.
Navigating the Interferences
You can scroll to and edit attributes in any of the interference results.
To return to the interferences that were selected in Windchill after viewing other interference results, right-click and select Show Windchill Selected.
Selecting to or more interferences to edit simultaneously
When you select two or more interferences to edit together, the display updates as follows:
For selected interferences with different values for an attribute, the attribute field remains blank until you update it.
If the selected interferences have different descriptions, in the Description field, the following message appears: Enter new Description here. Enter a new description to override the previous ones.
Copying Interferences to the Windchill Clipboard
To copy interferences to the Windchill clipboard from the Creo View Interference table, select one or more interferences, and then right click and choose Copy to Windchill Clipboard.
When using the Creo embedded browsers and copying associated business objects, such as WTParts, EPMDocs, and interferences, a new Windchill session opens to which the associated business objects are added.