Creating Views > Editing Appearance > To Edit the Color of a Part or a Surface
To Edit the Color of a Part or a Surface
This procedure applies to Creo View only.
1. In an open structure, select one or more parts or surfaces to edit, in one of the following methods:
Select one or more parts or surfaces in the graphics area.
Right-click the graphics area, select Select From List and select parts from the Parts and Markup tab, or surfaces from the Part Geometry tab.
2. Select one of the following options to open the Choose Color dialog box:
Right-click and choose Color.
Click Model Parts > Color.
Click Home > Color.
The Choose Color dialog box opens.
3. Select the color and click OK. The color of the selected part updates.
To select a basic color when the Choose Custom Color dialog box opens, click More, and then select from the Choose Color dialog box.
4. To reset colors, open the Appearance tab on the Part Properties dialog box and select Restore Color and then choose a restore option:
Restore to Original—Returns the color to the original structure value.
Restore to Saved—Returns the color to the last saved style in the current annotation set.