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About Design Check Mode
Use Design Check mode to computerize the design check process. You can tag one or more parts, portions of geometry, and Model Annotations to signify information about the item. You can create and define your own set of tags. The following are examples of information that a tag can convey:
Related tasks
After you tag items, you can perform the following operations in Design Check mode:
Lock the tag
Add a tag note
Reply to an existing tag note
Change the tag
View a list of the tagged objects
View a legend for the tags
Generate a report that lists the history of tag changes for the item
Save the tags and tag notes as an annotation set
You can configure Design Check mode to make tags recognizable at a glance. Set a neutral color for the display of the structure, geometry, and all of the associated Model Annotations. Assign a color to each tag that you apply to the item. You can define and design any number of other tags for use in Design Check mode. Four tags are included with Creo View. Custom tags and out-of-the-box tags can be modified and deleted.
Access to Design Check functions depends on your edition of Creo View and whether you have a Design Check license installed.