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Locking the Tag
Locking prevents an unintentional change to the tag, but it does not limit access to changing the tag. You can lock a tag when you apply it, or you can lock or unlock an existing tag. In Creo View, any user can lock or unlock a tag. When a tag is locked, you cannot do the following operations:
Change the tag
Add a note
Delete the tag
When a part's tag is locked, for the part's geometry you can still add or change a tag.
Lock or unlock a tag from one of the following locations:
On the Design Check tab, in the General group
From the shortcut menu in the pane of the upper data panel
In the Design Check Tag Properties dialog box
When you define a tag, you can set the locking mechanism to one of the following states:
Manual Lock—The tag must be locked manually.
Automatic Lock when created—The tag is locked automatically.
Disabled Lock Mechanism—The tag cannot be locked.
You can also configure a tag to lock a note when the tag is locked.