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About a Design Data Report
In Creo View, you can create these types of ECAD design report:
Object Specific—Includes all available information about each component of the selected type.
Design Statistics—Provides information about the creation of the design along with the number of components of each type. Create a Design Statistics report for the design as a whole, a group of selected objects, or a selected subcircuit.
Both report types include information on placed and unplaced components. For an Object Specific report, you can use the Column Chooser after you generate the report to select the data to include. In the ECAD Report Column Chooser dialog box, you can also set the order of the columns. Some columns are locked and cannot be removed from the report using the Column Chooser.
When you generate a report, a report pane opens in the lower data panel. The information you select to include is displayed in this pane in columns. Rows of pin information associated with components are not included on the report pane, but they appear in an exported report. You can sort fixed columns with single-value entries by clicking the column heading. When you select an item in the report pane, the graphics area, or the substructure pane of the primary panel, it is automatically selected in all three locations.