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About a Bill of Materials
In Creo View, you can generate a Bill of Materials (BOM) for an MCAD structure or an ECAD design. Use the Column Chooser in the Bill Of Materials tool to select the data to include in the report. In the Column Chooser, you can also set the order of the columns.
Select the columns to appear by default in the Creo View Options dialog box.
When you generate a BOM, a Bill Of Materials pane opens in the lower data panel. The information you select to include is displayed in this pane in columns. You can sort each column by clicking the column heading. When you select an item in the Bill Of Materials pane, it is automatically selected in the graphics area and vice versa.
About an MCAD Bill of Materials
You can generate an MCAD BOM for all or part of a structure. Use the Column Chooser to configure and automatically update a BOM before or after it is generated. You can have one BOM for each view of the structure. Select one of these types to generate:
Parts only
Assemblies only
Top-level components only
All, Flat
All, Hierarchical
You can export the BOM as a CSV file (*.csv) or as a Web page (*.htm or *.html). You can also use the shortcut menu to copy one or more of the rows to the clipboard.