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Working With ECAD Search Results
The Search results appear in ECAD Results pane of the upper data panel. The results are sorted alphanumerically. You can control the order from the column header. If the results include different types of objects, you can click in the icon column header to sort the results by object type. Each object type has an icon. In the ECAD Results pane, inspect the results in these ways:
Select one or more results
Selects the component on the Structure Tree and in the graphics area. Displays the details of the component in the lower data panel.
Double-click a result
Zooms to the selected result in the graphics area.
Right-click and choose Select All, and then click Select in the results pane.
Opens in the lower data panel the details of all the search results.
Right click and choose Show Query
Opens the Search ECAD Design dialog box with the search configuration for the results.