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About Working with MCAD Search Results
The Search results open in the Results pane in the upper data panel. Select items in the Results pane to view their corresponding entities on the Structure Tree and in the graphics area. Access these commands from the Results tab in the ribbon or the shortcut menu:
Select in Structure
Highlights the part currently selected in the Results pane in the graphics area and selects it in the Structure Tree.
Color Code All
Displays results in their respective colors in the Structure Tree and in the graphics area, making the correspondences between the product structure, assembly, and part in the query list easy to identify. These rules apply:
You can use this command for assemblies, subassemblies, and parts.
The color coding for the immediate parent assembly of a part takes precedence over the color coding for higher-level assemblies or subassemblies.
Applying Color Code All to an assembly or subassembly does not override any existing color coding for children of the assembly.
Components that do not appear in the results list appear in semitransparent in the graphics area.
Clear Color Coding
Removes color coding.
Select All of Color
Colors all parts in the graphics area that match the color code of the currently selected part in the results pane.
Clear Results
Empties the results pane and undoes color coding.
Show Query
Opens the Search Product Structure dialog box and displays the configuration of the currently displayed search results.
Show Paths
Toggles the display of the full path name in the Results pane.
Filter Results
Filters the results list by name or color.