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About Thumbnails
Thumbnails are an approximate representation of assemblies and parts that enable quick loading of preview geometry and navigation.
The 3D Thumbnail (PVT) files must first be created.  This is performed by the Thumbnail Generator during the process of publishing the CAD Assembly. The thumbnails are stored together with the regular structure files in Windchill.
Hierarchical Visual Navigation (also referred to by Creo Parametric as Lightweight Graphics Representations) enables you to quickly load previously created approximate 3D thumbnails for very large Creo View structures, and then to expand the view to the fully detailed geometry representation (OL file). You can also collapse back from the fully detailed geometry to the 3D thumbnail. For more information about the creation and storage of 3D thumbnails, see the Hierarchical Visual Navigation appendix in Creo View Installation and Configuration Guide.
By default, Creo View does not display thumbnails. To enable them to be uploaded automatically, you must enable the following Creo View options:
The Show 3D thumbnails where available option, located in the Model - Main options dialog box.
The Autoload if structure has 3D thumbnails option, located in the General - Loading options dialog box.