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About Advanced Structure Editing
The structure editing actions that can break internal references are grouped in the Advanced Editing mode. You cannot view or edit annotations, annotation sets, interference and compare reports, or anything other than model views while in advanced edit mode. If non model views are open, they will be closed. If model views contain annotations they will be removed. You will be prompted to save changes first. The actions available in advanced edit more are:
Deleting nodes.
Merging branch links—To move nodes into the root structure.
Dragging, copying, cutting and pasting nodes.
Renaming nodes.
When you edit using the Advanced Edit tool, keep the following guidelines in mind:
You can drag any node. All children are dragged along.
All dragged parts move together to the target location.
You cannot drag any substructure onto its own children.
You can drag to and from a branch link. This updates the branch and the current structure.
The physical location of parts does not change.
The way parts are instanced might change.
You cannot delete the top-level node.
You cannot use the Undo and Redo commands in the Advanced Editing mode.