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To Create References
You can create references to dimension and constrain geometry when using a sketch tool or through the References dialog box. When using a sketch tool, select a tool and press ALT. Select one or more valid geometric entities to use as references.
* Adding references when pressing the ALT button is available when the Automatic reference creation from selected background geometry check box is selected in the Sketcher area of the Creo Parametric Options dialog box or when the sketcher_auto_create_references configuration option is set to yes.
1. To use the References dialog box, click Sketch > References. The References dialog box opens.
2. Click and select one or more valid geometric entities to use as references.
3. Use any of the following additional commands:
X sec—Creates references at the intersection of a sketching plane and a surface or an intent surface.
Select—Filters the types of references available for selection.
Replace—Replaces a selected reference.
Delete—Deletes selected references.
Solve—Solves the sketch when there are no missing or failed references.
* To delete all edge references, click Chain and click Delete.
4. Click Close.