Sketcher > References > To Replace a Reference
To Replace a Reference
You can replace references using one of the following options:
Using the mini toolbar.
Using the References dialog box.
* You can sketch without creating sufficient references as long as you create the required references later.
Using the Mini Toolbar to Replace a Reference
1. Select a reference to replace. The mini toolbar appears.
2. In the mini toolbar, click Replace.
3. Select a new reference in the graphics window or from the Model Tree.
Using the References Dialog Box to Replace a Reference
1. Click Sketch > References. The References dialog box opens.
2. Select a reference to replace from the references list on the References dialog box.
3. Click Replace.
4. Select a new reference in one of the following ways:
In the graphics window
From the Model Tree
In the References dialog box (selecting an existing reference).
The original reference is replaced with this new reference. Dimensions and constraints associated with the new reference are automatically updated.
5. If there are missing or failed references, click Solve. The reference status is automatically updated.
6. Click Close.