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About the Project Command
Use the Project command to create geometry by projecting selected model curves or edges onto the sketching plane. The system aligns endpoints of the entity to the endpoints of the edge. The entity created has the "~" constraint symbol.
After you create geometry by projecting a curve or an edge, you can use the Trim, Divide, and Fillet tools to modify the geometry.
In Sketcher mode, the Project command allows you to pick an existing part axis to create a centerline that is automatically aligned to the axis. Use this tool to duplicate splines located on non-parallel planes.
Note the following selection restrictions:
A circle is broken into two arcs. You must select each segment separately.
You cannot select a composite datum curve. Instead, use Query Sel to select the underlying segments.
You cannot select the silhouette edge of a spline.
You can orient the model any way.