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About Sketcher
Using the Shortcut Menu
You can access a menu of the most frequently-used drafting operations by right-clicking in the Sketcher window. This menu is context sensitive. Based on the tool that is open or the entities you have selected, the menu may include options such as creating basic entities, toggling between constraint options or dimension types, selecting via Pick From List, or viewing entity properties.
Saving a Section
To save the section before exiting Sketcher, click File > Save As. The system creates a file with extension .sec.
Exiting Sketcher Mode
To exit Sketcher after a section is complete, click OK.
To exit Sketcher and discard any sketched geometry, click Cancel.
* The OK and Cancel commands are also available on the shortcut menu.
Using Intent Manager
Using the Intent Manager, you can dynamically dimension and constrain geometry as you sketch. The option to turn it off is no longer available.