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About the Trim Feature
With the Trim tool you can cut or split a quilt or curve. A quilt is a collection of surfaces. Use the Trim tool to remove material from quilts or curves to create a certain shape or to split material. You can trim quilts by:
Trimming at an intersection with another quilt or datum plane
Using a datum curve that lies on a quilt
You can trim a curve by clipping or splitting the curve at the point of an intersection with a surface, another curve, or datum plane.
To trim a quilt or curve, select the quilt or curve to trim, activate the Trim tool, and then specify the trimming object. You can specify and change the trimming object during creation or redefinition.
During the trimming process, you can specify what part of the trimmed surface or curve you want to keep. In addition, you can use the Thin Trim when you trim a quilt with another quilt. Thin Trim allows you to specify trim thickness dimensions and control fitting requirements for surfaces.
To access the Trim tool, select the surface or curve to trim, then click Model > Trim.