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About the Intersect Feature
With the Intersect tool you can create a curve where a surface intersects with other surfaces or a datum plane. You can also create a curve at the intersection of two sketches or sketched datum curves that become surfaces after they are extruded.
You can use the Intersect feature in the following ways:
Create three-dimensional curves that can be used for other features such as sweep trajectories.
Show if two surfaces are intersecting to avoid possible gaps.
Diagnose unsuccessful cross sections and cuts.
Surfaces can only be intersected with other surfaces or datum planes and the same rule applies to two sketches. The option to specify or change the intersection object or reference is only available during redefinition. However, you should select the first intersection reference prior to activating the Intersect tool.
The Intersect feature automatically completes after the steps are performed without opening the Intersect tab. Automatic completion occurs because the Intersect process is fully defined by preselecting references, and no tool progression or optional settings are possible.