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To Resolve a Placement Failure for a UDF
If a UDF feature fails to regenerate, the UDF feature identifier shows Failed feature.
1. Click OK. The UDF Placement Failed dialog box opens.
2. Select one of the following options:
Return to UDF Placement dialog to make adjustments, such as select new references and redefine features to successfully place all UDF features.
Keep already placed features and quit the UDF Placement Operation. If the failed feature belongs to a group or a pattern, only the features prior to the group or pattern are kept.
Click to stop the UDF placement procedure.
3. If you select Return to UDF Placement dialog, with the User Defined Feature Placement dialog box open, select the Options tab. To edit the definition of features that have failed to regenerate, select them in the Redefine these features list and click Edit Definition.
4. To resolve feature failure, select new placement references, change variable values, flip directions in the Adjustments tab, select or create new parameters in the Relation tab, or change intersections in the Intersect tab. After any of these changes, and become available.
* All buttons in the preview group become available when the UDF regeneration is complete and successful.