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To Include or Exclude Features
Before you start defining a simplified representation, you can change the default rule for specifying features.
1. Click View Manager on the Graphics toolbar, or click View > Manage Views > View Manager. The View Manager dialog box opens.
2. In the Simp Rep tab Names column, double-click to select the representation, or select the representation and click Options > Set Active.
3. Right-click and select Redefine. The EDIT METHOD menu appears.
4. Click Features. The FEAT INC/EXC menu appears with the following commands:
Exclude—Selects a feature to exclude from the representation. (The opposite of the default rule appears.)
Undo—Removes an instruction for excluding or including a feature.
UpdateScreen—Updates graphical view of the model according to the specified changes.
Display Mode—Modifies the number of features displayed in the Model Tree window. Use the following commands in the DISPLAY MODE menu to change the structure of the tree:
Show All—Show all features.
Default Feats—Show only those features whose status conforms to the default rule.
Marked Feats—Show only those feature whose status is opposite to the default rule.
5. To exclude features, click Exclude and select the features from the Model Tree.
6. Click Done from the FEAT INC/EXC menu to complete the selection.