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To Create a Swept Section Dome
You can create a swept section dome using a profile and one section that is perpendicular to it.
1. Set the allow_anatomic_features configuration option to yes to make the Section Dome command available on the All Commands list.
2. Add the Section Dome command to the desired user-defined group on the ribbon.
* For information about customizing the ribbon, see the Related Links.
3. Click Section Dome. The OPTIONS menu appears.
4. Choose Sweep and One Profile.
5. Pick the planar surface to be domed.
6. Create the profile by indicating the sketching plane, then sketching and regenerating the section.
7. Return to the default view and choose Done.
8. Create one section perpendicular to the profile by selecting or creating a sketching plane and sketch the section.
9. Click Done to complete the dome.