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About Tweak Features
Several advanced features are available to deform or alter (tweak) the surface of a part:
Local Push—Deforms a surface by pushing or pulling on a circular or rectangular region of a surface.
Radius Dome—Creates a dome on a limited region of a surface.
Section Dome—Creates a dome from sketched sections.
Ear—Creates a protrusion that is extruded along the top of a surface and bent at the base.
Lip—Creates a lip on selected edges that can be used for interlocking parts. This feature cannot be created as an Assembly feature, but the dimensions on mating parts can be controlled through relations.
Toroidal Bend—Bends a selected solid, surface, or datum feature in two directions to produce a toroidal or revolved shape.
Spinal Bend—Bend an object about a curved spine by continuously repositioning cross sections along a curve.
Solid Free Form—Tweaks a surface by dynamic manipulation.
Bend Solid—Bends solids or curves using the references of a flatten quilt feature.
Flatten Quilt—Flatten surfaces by transformation.