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To Add Text to a Dimension
If the application in which you are working requires that you use the Menu Manager, follow the procedure below, otherwise follow the procedure To Edit Dimension Properties, Text, or Text Style.
The Text option from the DIM COSMETIC menu allows you to add text to a dimension value (such as diameter, ref, and typ), as well as special symbols.
1. Click PART > Modify > DimCosmetics. The DIM COSMETIC menu appears.
2. Pick the dimension to add the text.
3. Type the text. You can enter several lines of text, but each line must end with ENTER.
To place the dimension within the text (other than the start of the line) type [@D] at the point within the text, where you want to locate the dimension.
4. To complete the text string, press ENTER two times.
You can also define your own special fonts and symbols.