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Side Effects of Deleting Features
When you delete a feature whose dimensions are used in a relation, the relation becomes invalid. To fix the relation, use commands in the OBSOL RELS menu:
Commnt Rels—Convert the obsolete relations to comments.
Delete Rels—Delete the obsolete relations.
Edit Rels—Edit the relations. With Edit Rels you can add comments to, delete, and edit the relations. You cannot exit from the editor until you have edited obsolete relations.
* If the relations file contains conditional logic statements that depend on the deleted feature, the system forces you to edit the relations file to fix the statements.
If you delete a feature that has a note attached to it, the note remains in the drawing but the extension line to the feature disappears. If the note included dimensions of the feature, they appear with the default display of ***.
If you delete a feature that has dimensions included in a family table, the affected columns of the table become obsolete.
If you delete a feature that was referenced when assembling parts, the parts will not reassemble. Several options exist for recovering the assembly.