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Modifying the Dimension Format
The system can display dimensions in decimal or fractional format. You can specify configuration file options to cause the system to automatically use one format or the other.
If you want to convert only a few dimensions to the other format, use the Fraction and Decimal options from the FORMAT menu.
When converting to fractions, remember the following:
The system prompts you for the value of the largest allowable denominator. Valid denominators are the numbers by which the largest denominator can be evenly divided.
A fraction is separated with a hyphen. When you enter fraction values, always enter them as "#+#/#", such as 1+5/8.
When converting to decimals, remember that the system uses the current number of digits of each selected dimension. Normally, a fraction to decimal conversion is exact.
However, if the current number of digits is too small, the system truncates and changes the value. For all exact conversions, you need a maximum of five digits only.
You can mark approximate fractional dimensions driven by a relation by setting the mark_approximate_dims configuration option.