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About No Resolve Mode
Use No Resolve mode to continue working after a regeneration failure. You can do the following operations in No Resolve mode:
Create a failed feature
Search for a failed feature
Bypass Fix Model mode
Modify other parts of the model
Fix the failure later
Mirror the geometry of a model with failed features
Save a model that has failed features
* Models saved with failures cannot be opened in versions of Pro/ENGINEER earlier than Wildfire 5.0.
Most feature creation operations support No Resolve mode. The following feature creation operations do not:
Model > Mirror
Model > Copy
Model > Paste
Model > Paste > Paste Special
Model > Operations > Feature Operations > Copy
When a regeneration fails, the Regeneration Failure dialog box opens. In some cases, you can undo the changes that caused the failure. Undoing the changes cancels the regeneration. When you cannot or choose not to undo the changes, the regeneration is completed despite the failure. You can investigate the failed items in the Regeneration Manager. The failed status of the feature is removed when the feature is suppressed.