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To Select Shape Surface Sets
You can select surface sets before or after you enter a tool. Before you enter a tool you can select a seed surface and use the buttons in the Shape Surface Selection group to select the primary shape. When more than one primary shape can be derived from the seed surface, or you are in a tool, use the following procedure.
1. Select a seed surface in the graphics window.
2. Right-click and choose Shape Surfaces. When more than one shape can be selected or secondary shapes can be selected, the Shape Surface Sets dialog box opens.
3. Select the shape in the Primary shape list. Move the pointer in the shape list to highlight a shape in the graphics window.
* You can also right-click the graphics window and choose Next to browse through the shape list.
4. To remove secondary shapes from the selection, clear the Include secondary shapes check box.
5. Click OK. The selected shape surface sets are selected.