Creo Flexible Modeling > Mirroring Geometry > To Mirror Geometry
To Mirror Geometry
1. Select the geometry to mirror and click Flexible Modeling > Mirror. The Mirror Geometry tab opens.
2. To mirror the selected rounds and chamfers that attach the mirrored geometry to the model, click the References tab and check the Transform selected attachment rounds/chamfers check box. If you do not check this check box, the selected attaching rounds and chamfers are removed and optionally recreated.
3. To set additional attachment options, right-click and use the shortcut menu or use the Attachment and Options tabs.
4. Right-click and click References > Mirror Plane, or click the Mirror plane collector.
5. Click to select a mirror plane. The mirror feature is created.
6. Click or middle-click to accept the feature.
* Currently, the original appearances of the mirrored surfaces or quilts are not preserved by the Mirror feature. Upon feature creation, the mirrored surfaces will display the model default appearance.